Proven on large projects, DABO ensures the building’s electromechanical systems integrity by monitoring multiple sensor and control panel vectors. It performs real-time fault detection, flags abnormal component behavior and operational anomalies. In addition to contributing to the achievement of the LEED accreditation, this high-performance building operational management tool, anticipates problems and minimizes occupant complaints.

Diagnostic Agent for Building Operators (DABO)

DABO is a structured database, that collects information received from the central building automation system. In addition to climate conditions and energy consumption, it retrieves data collected by sensors and other components of the electromechanical system such as the temperature, air flow rate, static pressure, position of dampers, and the performance of service equipment. DABO is composed of more than 800 expert rules for consistency analysis, efficiency assessment and good operating practices and 275 performance indicators to help identify non-optimal operation and under or over-designed components.


DABO is a continuous optimization tool based on fault detection principles, performance analysis and documented historical data compilation. Highly sophisticated, this building management tool identifies problems in real-time and suggests immediately applicable solutions.

Other tools:

Usually, energy consumption monitoring software, flags abnormal consumption rates but provides no indication as to the source of the problem (was it a change in building activities? an operational anomaly? inefficiency of a piece of equipment? an issue with the calibration of a sensor?).

Energy cost monitoring software has the same shortcomings as consumption analysis software, in addition to taking several weeks to produce the information. As for ongoing commissioning web services, they all have the same problem, which is that they have exclusive ownership of the information collected in the building. The client has no leeway and must pay for additional analyzes. If the subscription to the service is not renewed, the compiled history is permanently lost. Therefore, DABO has the edge over other technological tools that provide building operation assistance. Based on 10 years of research and development in Canada, in cooperation with an international team of experts, DABO® maintains a significant competitive advantage by being several years ahead of the technology curve over other market solutions.

"A recent US study of 600 buildings or 9.3 million square meters where a diagnostic system was used showed a 36% energy savings.”

U.S. Department of ENERGY


Smarter hardware at a lower cost

Server Virtualisation
  • Divides one physical server into multiple virtual environments, reducing the number and types of servers that you use.
  • The 'sweet spot' in the current market
  • More than 60% of IT departments have or will use it in the coming years
  • Significant cost savings due to lower power consumption
  • More effective use of your IT infrastructure
Desktop Virtualisation
  • Separates a personal computer desktop from the physical machine.
  • The virtualised desktop is stored on a remote central server, allowing your users to access it from any device capable of displaying the desktop, such as a PC, Laptop or HP thin client.
Storage Virtualisation
  • The pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single data storage device, managed from a central console significantly frees up physical space.
Network Virtualisation
  • Combines resources in a network by splitting the available bandwidth into independent channels. Each channel is then assigned to a particular server or device in real time.
  • This technology is expected to rise in popularity become commonplace in data centres.
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Storage Virtualisation
  • Network Virtualisation

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Data Centre Solutions

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uctrix have created a private cloud environment which offers infinite scalability, failover capability, redundancy and protection against underlying hardware failures.

Essentially the traditional mix of disparate dedicated and virtual servers is rationalised into a seamless private cloud environment whilst at the same time providing a very cost effective growth strategy.

The uctrix Private Cloud environment has proved a success with our customers who required a cloud solution and found that the large public clouds did not fulfil their needs in terms of guaranteed uptime, 24x7 support, or customisation to meet the unique requirements of their business.

Technically, should any of the hosts powering the cloud experience a problem, the virtual dedicated servers
will all auto-failover onto the remaining hosts whilst the problem is resolved and the whole private cloud will
continue to run uninterrupted with no discernible impact to the cloud environment.

High-powered private cloud environments are deployed using either VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V.


  • ISO 27001& ASIO T4 Certified, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centres
  • N+1 minimum redundancy throughout
  • Multiple Network Operations Centres staffed 24 x 7 every day of the year
  • Purpose built integrated firewalls and VPNs 
  • Security Testing Laboratory 

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“Early fault detection improves building comfort, energy efficiency and saves on maintenance and running costs.”

Daniel C. , CanmetENERGY

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